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Roof Inspection Boston

One area of your home that is often neglected is the roof. Don’t. The roof of your home serves as the protector of your assets, family, and yourself. Remind yourself at least once a year to get your roof inspected. Choose a day where you are free and the weather is good to call your local roof repair Boston. We will happily serve you with all your roofing problems. Give us a call now.

If you have a fear of heights, leave the job with us. A roof inspection is not an easy job, it requires special knowledge and tools and materials that our team has. Only a professional could spot damage that isn’t visible to a normal person’s eyes. If you feel like your roof has damage, do not do the inspection yourself. Some homeowners will try to climb on their roof and do the inspection themselves. But I recommend you not doing that.

If your roof has damage and you try to climb there you may worsen the damage in your roof. The lesser you walk up there, the better for your roof and safer for you. Get your roof inspected if you think it has problems or even just a heavy storm passed, get your roof inspected. You will save your future self hassle, money, time, and energy.

Roofing Inspection Checklist:

    • Masses of Moss and Lichen which could cause roof decay underneath and black Algae stains.

    • Missing or damaged chimney caps

    • Cracked and worn rubber boots around vent pipes

    • Missing or broken shingles

    • Shingles that are curling, buckling, or blistering

    • Cracked caulk or rust spots

Types of Roofs

    1. Flat Roof- it is prone to leaks and surface degradation due to water standing and weather. Look at the surface of your roof for granular loss, holes, ponding, blisters in the membrane, and punctures. Also, check the drain if there are leaves of twigs blocking the waterway. Getting your roof washed could remove moss, algae, lichens, and other fungi.

    2. Sloped Roof- this is usually built using tiles, asphalt shingles, metal, or slate. It is important to get your shingles checked regularly since they are prone to detach of curl. Wood shakes could grow moss, mold, mildew, and buckling. It should be also tested for rotting. A metal roof should be checked for damaged panels, bent, corrosion, and loosening.

What to Check on Your Roof

    • Visible Damage and Debris- the first step in inspecting your roof for obvious signs of damage

    • Exterior Structural Components- all external problems on your roof like chimneys, vents, drip edges, etc.

    • Interior Roofing Components- if your roof is not getting inspected regularly it could develop internally damage

Performing a regular check-up for your roof regularly could lessen the overall repair and replacement cost by 45% and extend the life span of your roof. Most commercial roofs should be inspected at least twice a year. What are you waiting for? Contact your local roof inspection Boston now!

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